I worked today, and it was work-like in the sense that I was standing around being paid. I didn’t do much of anything though – there was nothing to do.

Met Adam on the way home, we picked up some milk and chicken. It was very exciting. I then played some sims 2, where Adam & I moved out of Mom & Merv’s house and into our own place. So far we’ve made a few friends in the neighbourhood and I’ve been thinking about making babies. Oh, and Adam got promoted.

Now Dayle is sleeping on my lap. He always seems so incredibly happy to see me when I get home from work. I have to wonder if some part of him thinks I’m going to abandon him on a daily basis. He’s got that short of a memory…

Uploading some random photos to my photo blog-like thing, found at jennysilver.buzznet.com. Some older, some new, just whatever I feel like posting. yeah.

It’s bedtime. I’m sleepy.