I saved a bridge from being blown up at least three times in my dream last night. I did this by foiling the bad guy’s evil plots. I guess I was smarter than him.

The second batch of chili is in the slow cooker today. The first batch turned out pretty awesome, I must say.

I work today until 10:15 pm. Bleh. I really really really want a day to myself where I can just sit at home alone and do nothing. But that’s not going to happen any time in the next two weeks… My next day off I promised to go in to town and be social with people. The next day after that Adam and I are going biking in Stanley Park. I can’t even imagine what’s happening after that, it’s too far away.

I really need some time to relax.

Now for wedding crud.

The reason we were looking at doing the wedding on a cruise ship was to avoid all the complications that extended family would be bringing to the wedding itself, and because it was probably going to work out cheaper that way. It turned out, however, that extended family was going to be coming on the cruise ship, and it was starting to get as complicated as (if not more so than) the original wedding plan. And because so many people were apparently going to be coming out for it, it was also getting more and more expensive for the people who were going to foot the bill, since they kept offering to pay for people.

So yeah. Cruise = more expensive and more complicated.