I woke up at 9am today to the sound of my phone ringing incessantly. I decided to let it go to voicemail, because I’m too grumpy in the morning to deal with the actual telephone, but it wouldn’t stop ringing. I finally gave up and got out of bed to answer it. When I picked it up it said “You have received a text message from 250-555-1234. Press 1 to hear your message.” Feeling quite confused, since this was my landline I was on, I pressed one. The message consisted of a series of bleeps and bloops. Very strange.

I went back to bed.

When I actually got up later in the morning (and I slept well, thanks) I looked up the information on text messaging to a landline. I guess it’s a new thing from Rogers Wireless to be able to send text messages to a landline. According to the rogers site, TXT 2 Landline Converts your text message into an easy to understand English or French voice. Not this time, I don’t think. Unless the message was really a bunch of bleeps and bloops? Maybe R2-D2 was trying to contact us?