Got bored and learned the tab for Light Up My Room, by BNL. It’s actually really easy, just another one of those songs that, in order to be able to sing and play the tab at the same time, one must separate one’s brain. Or at least get good enough at the guitar part that you don’t have to think about it at all. I haven’t practiced it quite enough yet for that. Either way, though, it’s a nice song to play. A bit repetetive without the singing, however.

Dayle has been insane tonight. I don’t mean just the usual cat insanity… I mean a special Dayle brand of insane. I took a movie of it with the digital camera. It’s incredibly funny. I will upload it shortly, as soon as Adam has an FTP program on his computer, since I’m running out of hard drive space and seriously can’t keep putting anything on this poor machine. It’s a beast, but it’s old and chugging and the hard drives are both nearly full.

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  • spadoink

    March 13, 2005 at 1:00 am


    – that old really bad diet cola?
    – the thing you can fold over to make the inside cover of the mad magazine make a face?
    – the key that makes the guitar jump five spaces?
    – what you do when you’re stalking BNL and want to keep tab of them?
    – you’re super geeky and used your new ‘tablet’ to learn the song?