There are about three thousand things I should be doing right now, but after going to the Bay to set up the wedding gift registry and start selecting gifts I quite simply can’t function. I really need to start hanging out with girlie type friends here in Vancouver for drinks on occasion to try and unwind from all this, but I haven’t got any time at the moment. And Tara’s still the only girlie I spend time with outside of work. Must convince work friends to hang out with me for Bellinis sometime. Or something.

I’m not quite sure how we’re paying for the trip back east, the wedding rings, gifts, and my dress, but I have faith that it will come together somehow.

I should really get on the making of a real wedding icon for lj. Just so you can glance at the userpic I use and know that I’m talking about the wedding, and skim it if you aren’t interested. Or something.