1. If you were to live as a cartoon character, who would you be?

2. If you had a wish that could let you either end poverty or end war, which would you choose? (Assume the way it would work would not be some scary, horrible dictatorship or something else that happens in stories where people make wishes).

3. Froofy or Sleek?
umm… neither really.

4. Do you have siblings? If so, where do you fall in birth order?
Yes, Five siblings, I’m the elder middle. (#3)

5. Do you tend to have more friends of your own gender, or a different one?
Used to be a different one. Now it’s leaning the other way.

6. Would you ever want to live in a country other than the one you live in now? If yes, which and why, if not, why not?
I’d live in New Zealand because it looks gorgeous there.

7. High school, horror or highlight?
Oh, the HORROR!!!

8. Theoretical or Practical?
Definitely Practical

9. Space Programs, an important step towards the future, or a waste of funds?
An important step towards the future, but moreso if they gave the programs more funds.

10. If you could be an animal for a day, and retain the memory of the experience, what kind would you like to be?
A dolphin. Swimming is awesome.

11. Do you cry?

12. Name 3 of your talents.
Singing, taking pictures, organizing

13. Are you vaguely embarrassed about any of the music you own? If yes, you can share it or not, it’s embarrassing! Release it!
I’m not really embarrassed about it, but I own Anne Murray’s Hippo in My Bathtub. It’s awesome!

14. What is the most recent movie you’ve seen? Was it worth your time and money?
Star Wars Ep. III, and yes.

15. What is inherently funnier Badgers or Cows?
Cows for sure. Badgers are funny when they dance, but that’s really it.

16. If tuition and time were no object, what are 3 classes you’d like to take?
Photography, Ashtanga Yoga, Swing Dancing

17. Bald Dudes/Dudettes, sexy or off-putting?
Awesome! Crazy sexy!

18. Do you put salt and pepper on before you taste food, after you taste food, or not at all?
Usually not at all.

19. Set aside the “mustn’t brag about things” programming. What could you brag about, if you wanted to?
My Pictures!

20. PONY?
I had one, it wasn’t nearly as magical as I had hoped, so no more.