Your NOW and LAST by Nightflax
What color is your hair? Top layer brown, middle layer dark red, bottom layer orangey red.
How Tall are you? 5'4″
What music are you listening to? None
What can you see (other than the computer)? crutches
If you reach out your left foot, what will it hit? My camera bag
What can you hear? Adam's computer fans
What is bothering you? My ankle
What are you in love with? My fiance
What do you dislike? Being cold
What can you smell? litter. ew.
What hurts? My ankle
What is on your head? my hair
What is your computer's background? A digital blasphemy wallpaper of ice and snow.
What is in your wallet? My new yellow temporary BC driver's license.
What position are you in? sitting cross legged in Adam's computer chair.
Where are you? The office, our apartment, North Vancouver, BC, Canada, Earth, Solar system, Milky way, Universe, ?
How are you feeling? sore, tired, cold
Who would you like to hug? Adam
Where would you like to be? nowhere specific I can think of
What color are you favouring? purple
Who is messaging you? Leslie
Who is your most recent Xanga, LJ or DJ entry from? Scottobear
Who is the last person you saw? Dave from work who gave me a ride home
Who is the last person you missed? Adam
What is the last place your feet took you to? Dave's car to my apartment. It wasn't easy.
What is the last place wheels took you to? Work to home in Dave's car
What is the last drug you took? Ibuprofen
What is the last thing you said? Talk to you soon, bye
Who did you last speak too? Emma
What is the last book you read? The Dead Zone, Stephen King
What is the last TV show you saw? TV News
What is the last Movie you watched? Return of the King extended DVDs
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