Have a lurking tension headache. Likely from the fact that I’m tense. Go figure. I’m also hungry, which doesn’t help.

I spent most of the day at work today sorting and folding invoices. Mindless work that actually made the time pass okay. Tonight after work I have another Physio appointment, so I have to make sure I leave in time to get the 5:15 Seabus.

At lunch today I ate in the lunchroom then left to walk in the rain for a while. There is a greenspace with a huge fountain the entire length of the park just a few blocks away from here. I went there and watched the water for a while, imagining I was a little kid with a toy boat to send down the mighty rapids. I really want a toy boat to play with in that fountain now. There were landscapers there, so I watched them work for a while, missing having a garden and thinking it wouldn’t be too bad to have a job like that.

I’m not unhappy at work in the least. I just like to entertain other ideas sometimes. Really, all I need is a home with a yard I can work in on my own terms. And maybe a nice fountain I can play with boats in. That would be nice.