We went out and wandered around some of the Canada Day Festivities. A mite boring, but we still had fun. The most fun was had watching them load potatoes onto the Celebrity Cruise ship. Also, we went to Chinatown where we saw dried lizards spread-eagle and stuck to sticks with their heads still attached. I wanted to take a picture, but was too disturbed.

On the way back home we stopped at the drug store, where I got some hair dye and we tried to get a liquid soap refill bottle. Adam picked up the large (2L, maybe?) bottle and for some unknown reason started swinging it back and forth at arm’s length, back and forth, back and forth… and then he let go. We don’t really know why. Maybe it slipped. At any rate, the bottle hit the floor and smashed open, and soap pretty much spanned the width of the aisle. I couldn’t stop giggling, so when he went to tell them that he had “dropped” a bottle of soap, I went to the next aisle over and pretended to look at cards, giggling madly.

He was too embarassed to got get another bottle, so we just bought my dye and headed for home. I still couldn’t stop giggling.

Tonight I think we’re going out to West Vancouver to watch some fireworks at Ambleside or Dundarave.

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  • drtrauma

    July 3, 2005 at 12:23 am