Stuff, things. I should have more to say but right now I just don’t. Mabye I can come up with something.

I met Tara tonight after work, we walked down to English Bay (which always makes me think of the Blue Rodeo song of the same name) and then back to the Virgin Superstore to browse CDs. Adam met us and we grabbed some dinner downtown (no groceries at the house) and then came back home. It’s been quite uneventful today. Especially compared to yesterday with the awesome boat cruise around the harbour. I really really really wish I had a friend with a boat.

I’m trying to work out how we’re going to get to the airport at 5am on the morning of the 27th. It will probably end up being a cab service, but I’m having trouble finding any that do flat rates to the airport. I find this strange, since nearly every company in Toronto does flatrates, plus there’s Airport Limousine in Toronto that pretty much specializes in airport taxi for around $40.00 a trip, depending on which part of TO you’re coming from. I haven’t found anything similar in Vancouver, except for the Airporter bus, but it doesn’t run at 5am and we’d have to get to Vancouver from North Van and there’s no real transit at that hour anyhow. How do people get to the airport at ungodly hours in this town without owning a car?? Ah well, I’ll probably call a cab company and just pay whatever the rate ends up being. Not a big deal.

So we’ll be arriving in Toronto on Saturday, August 27th at around 2:30 in the afternoon. We have yet to make plans, although unless there’s some sort of party that night I think we’ll be staying with Adam’s Bubby. If there is some sort of gathering of Toronto friends (is anyone up for it?) then we’ll likely find a place to crash in town so we can drink and be merry. A gathering would be good, especially to see those people who can’t make the wedding itself, or those we didn’t invite because we didn’t think they’d be able to make it. I just want to see people I miss and have a good time with them.

If you did get an invitation and haven’t rsvp’d yet at all, please at least let us know that you got the invite and when you might know if you can make it. We’re attempting to finalize the numbers and make sure everyone has a place to stay. And I’m not going to take it as a personal insult if you can’t make it, so don’t worry about how you’re going to break it to me that you can’t come. I’ll still love you, honest!

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  • duhbigman

    July 15, 2005 at 1:20 pm

    Hey, you and Adam can come to see a show I’m hosting on the 29th, at the Smiling Buddha. Cyn’s one of the features.