Sunday I went out biking with Tara at Pacific Spirit national park (aka the UBC endowment lands.) It was nice, a beautiful day to be out riding and the trails were really easy and flowing. No real challenge in it, but sometimes that’s a good thing. We enjoyed our day, at any rate. Sunday evening we met up with Adam and had dinner at Tara’s place. Tara’s apartment is in a part of town I don’t think I could ever find without explicit directions. It’s not that it’s hard to find, specifically, it’s just that if I’m anywhere but downtown or somewhere in North Vancouver I am completely lost.

Today was back to work, naturally. Didn’t sleep great last night, so I was groggy all day.

I might be doing a mountain biking clinic/camp this weekend. That could be a lot of fun.

I kind of want to curl up and go to sleep now.