The more I ride the more I want to ride. I am so completely loving this sport. Even with Adam hurt and not able to ride right now, I’m just dying to join riding groups and head out on the trails every night now. I think I’m getting more into this than Adam is… and he used to think I only went mountain biking because he was pushing me into it. I kept telling him I liked it, and now that I’ve been out riding way more than him in BC, I think he might be starting to believe it.

I drank a good three or four litres of water today. It’s good to be hydrated, I think yesterday I didn’t have nearly enough and it really knocked me out at night – I had one of those killer headaches you get when you have heatstroke or you’re dehydrated. I think I’m still thirsty now. Must hydrate some more.

I took a whole mess of pictures, I’ll get them developed and post them shortly.