Up at six am… yeah, the early to sleep early to rise thing from the honeymoon is still kicking in.

I have somewhere around 1000 pictures to go through from the drive back across the country. The ones I use will need to be ensmallened. I do not relish this task on my computer. I think I may use Adam’s. Mine is far too slow to edit photos of the 20D size. Also, the memory card from the camera is the same size as half of the hard drive space I actually have left on this machine. Blasted P3 450. My next goal, I guess, is a new computer. It never ends.

We have to unpack the car today. Our clean apartment will be invaded by our messy car. I think the messy part will win.

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  • spadoink

    September 17, 2005 at 5:26 pm


    methinks you didn’t understand the purpose of a honeymoon.