I drove Adam in to work this morning so he could get there on time (transit doesn’t work right on Sundays, he’s always ten or fifteen minutes late.) I think the cats thought we were leaving them again, they started act crazy just before we left, and now that I’m home they’ve been all over me being super-loving and such. Dayle is in fact helping me write this entry by lying on my arms and gripping my hands with his front paws. Good thing he doesn’t have any claws anymore.

As of Friday, I am an Aunt. This is very cool. My older sister had a baby boy on Friday. I’ve seen pictures, he’s very cute.

It must be getting cooler at night, there is condensation on the inside of all our windows again. It was like that all winter. I’d like to find a new place, but we want to take our time about it and find a place that is fantastic. Here’s hoping something comes up.

I have many photos to work on to add to the Honeymoon photos gallery. There are many more days to put up.