When travelling to the coquitlam Ikea, make sure you know what highway exit you must take. Otherwise the detour can be arduous.

We didn’t get my desk – not enough room in Tara’s car for it. I did get a chair though, so that’s a good start. May go get the desk with Mom & Merv tomorrow. Maybe Merv will be nice & fix our outlet, too.

Adam seems to be catching a cold, on top of everything else. Could we please have less illness in the house for a little while? I’m starting to feel a bit worn out by all of this, plus I feel like I can’t possibly have anything ever wrong with me because he’s already got so much wrong with him. I know this doesn’t entirely make sense, but this is the way my brain works. If I have a headache, or I feel tired or crampy or physically miserable in any way, I start to feel guilty because Adam’s already feeling bad and I know he’s not up to taking care of me. I have to be strong and take care of him. So yeah… feeling a little pressured, I guess, and we’re both entirely ready for this entire situation to be over with. Please.

Today I really kind of wanted to just be alone for a while and not have to take care of anyone or give directions or figure things out or be at all responsible for anything. I was thinking maybe I’d do that tomorrow, but if Adam’s sick then he’ll be staying home. Plus I’m going out to Ikea because I really do need that new desk, and Mom & Merv’s car are the only thing that can get it here for me, short of paying 40$ for delivery.

Just… very tired, I think. I’ll be fine.