My NaNoWriMo novel word count is at 13,252, and on the 20th page. I think that is the absolute most I’ve ever written of a single story in my entire life (not including journals, which are really just my story.)

At any rate, I am very pleased with myself for still following through with this. Not only that, but I’m still on track somehow. I’m not really getting into the community (haven’t been good at getting into communities for a little while now, since I no longer have the energy required to put effort into them.) But then, I’m a pretty solitary writer anyhow. I don’t actually want any feedback right now. I’m too easily derailed.

In other news, work was so hectic today that I barely even sat at my desk all day. Since I am the receptionist on top of the many other things I do, this means that there was no one really answering the phones or sitting at the front most of the day. I liked being busy though, the day sped by.

In BC, Remembrance Day is a stat holiday, which means that this is a four day week. Huzzah.

I am now sleepy. It is time for bed.