I think I have rarely endured a day of work filled with so much overall tension from so many different corners as today, if ever. It’s days like these that make me wonder how anyone stays at a job for ten years, five years, anything. There’s so much psychology and techniques and so on that people use in their personal lives, with family, with friends and lovers… and yet we still often spend a lot more time with the people we work with, and there really isn’t any sort of system for that.

Most of it didn’t impact me directly – I just got to watch it all. What did impact me, I dealt with early in the day and promptly forgot about since it was dealt with.

Ever since we got back from the wedding, we’ve been off and on looking for a new apartment. It hasn’t been a serious search as of yet, really – we’ve only looked at one place, and it wasn’t at all suitable. The problem is, we’ve also noticed since we got back that apartments are getting more expensive, even over the last few months. We’re not exactly in a place where we can think about buying a house, especially not in the Vancouver market. We’re really fine with renting right now at any rate. The problem is, with the rent going up the way it has been, we’re starting to worry that we won’t be able to find a place that will suit us. The other issue is the cats, as a lot of apartments in Vancouver have a strict No Pets policy and we have the two cats.

The internet search for apartments has so far been a little disappointing. I’m hoping now that Adam’s starting to feel better we can get out and start walking around. It’s strange to think that we’ve actually lived in this apartment for 11 months now. By the time we move it will be over a year, I’m sure, and we still don’t have anywhere near all of our stuff here.

In this aspect, Adam and I have discovered a difference between us. To me, since for my entire life I moved around every couple of years, changed houses, changed schools, and so on, I associate the feeling of being settled in, the feeling of home, to be the place where I keep my stuff – books, pictures, cds, toys, and so on. To him, he feels home where he lives – it’s the place that is home. Because of this fact, the lack of our stuff has bothered me for the past few years (as long as it’s been in storage, which is since we first moved up North to New Liskeard back in December of 2002. That’s three years for me of feeling displaced, of not feeling like where I am is home.

This makes me sad. I really, really need to get my things out here, or I’ll never really feel like I’m home again.