I woke up before Adam left this morning around twenty to six, and couldn’t get back to sleep. This could very well be a long day.

Our new place is near Central Lonsdale in North Vancouver, and it will be awesome. There’s a fantastic view of the mountains from our windows/balcony. We’ll be putting a sign on the door to prevent people from letting the cat out on the balcony – it’s only the third floor, but I just can’t tolerate the thought of cats and balconies.

The living room is bigger and the whole apartment is better laid out, and the building manager has said that we can paint the place any colours we want to – and they’ll buy the paint. So amazing. The difference between where we live now and that place is already painfull apparent.

Our current landlord freaked out on Adam last night when he called to see if we could make arrangements for Jan. 1st or mid-month or something. It was pretty nasty. I called him back and he totally calmed down talking to me, which was somehow not that surprising – it’s really seemed from the beginning that the guy really liked me but hated Adam, and for no real reason.

Anyhow, because it’s the 9th of the month and we didn’t give notice on the first (wrongfully thinking we could just give notice when we found a place, because this whole 1-month to look for an apartment thing is freakish and scary,) we can’t actually give notice until our next rent cheque on the 1st of January. This means that we will have to pay rent on two apartments during the month of January. While this will give us plenty of time to move our stuff out, it’s going to mean we actually can’t spend any money on anything for the next month and a half or so.

The place is worth it, though, and we will figure it out somehow. Maybe it just means another christmas where we can’t even buy each other gifts. So sad, I already knew exactly what I was going to get Adam.