I’m clean now. I can hear the rain pounding on the roof and the wind rattling our windows. Adam will probably be home in a half an hour or so.

I think I would like to write a story of some sort.

Oh wait. I have to work on editing Eventide. I guess that should take precedence. Vachel (he who painted my wedding dress) has said he would like to do the illustrations for Eventide, which makes the publishing of the book about twenty times more valuable than it previously was. The man is an incredible artist, and there’s no one else in the world who I think could do a better job of it. Plus, he worked on the original story concepts with Adam and I back when it was a germ of an idea, and he knows it intimately.

I think I’ll start dinner now, and hook my own computer up finally, since Chris will be taking back his laptop so he can try and sell it to someone who isn’t me.