It looked like it wasn’t going to rain too much today, at least not too heavily, so we braved the outdoors and went for a walk on the Ambleside Seawall with Ben & Joanna. It started to rain lightly, but that was okay. Once we turned back to walk towards the car again, it began to pour. By the time we made it to the car I was soaked from the waist down, basically – fortunately my down vest is waterproof. My arms didn’t get too wet either, I guess the fleece is pretty good against the deluge.

At any rate, we’re now home and I’m starting to dry off with a warm cup of Ceylon Maple tea.

The bedroom, where I now have my computer set up, is rather dim. I require a lighting solution. A desk lamp would be ideal, but lacking that I may just hang the ikea paper globe from the ceiling. All I need now is some ceiling hooks, but I’m unwilling to venture out into the rain to get some at this juncture. Perhaps I should anyway.