Biking / Fitness status:

1. For the first time, I biked home and didn’t have to stop for breath along the way. This is good.
2. I biked up 13th to Jones (which means nothing to anyone but me) which is more of a straight uphill than I’ve usually done for the past few weeks
3. My legs didn’t feel like jell-o when I walked up the stairs to my apartment post-biking
4. It took 25 minutes to get home. That can only improve. Originally it took around 35.

My next step is to join the gym and start going – perhaps in the morning before work, or maybe after work before I go home (although biking home after a workout might be a frightening thing – maybe work up to that.)

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  • xoobee

    February 8, 2006 at 4:29 am

    Good for you! Awesome possum! 😀