It was a good weekend.

Friday evening Chris, Chantal, and Tara came over for dinner. Tara and I got home first with groceries only to discover that I had forgotten my keys inside the apartment. Fortunately, the building manager’s mother found the key and let us in to the place with little more than a severe motherly reprimand. I hung my head in shame.

Together, Tara and I created a fantastic thai dinner of Cashew Nut Chicken and Pineapple Chicken fried Rice. It was all very good. We then sat around after dinner drinking coffee and chatting and otherwise having a good time. It was nice.

Saturday Adam and I woke up relatively early and went into Vancouver to check out the Outdoor Adventure Show, where I took many photos of people falling off bikes (as mentioned previously.) Saturday evening we had our Valentine’s dinner at a Thai restaurant in North Vancouver, Krua Thai. It was quite good. We then rented Club Dread and The Aristocrats, and came home to watch Club Dread.

Sunday we slept in. I had a disturbing dream that kept me from sleeping past 9:30, so I ended up watching the Olympics in the morning. We then took a drive back to Ikea where we returned the rug we bought on our last trip but realized that we didn’t really like. Naturally, since we were at Ikea, we walked around and made grandiose plans of things to do with our apartment, should we ever have the money to buy furniture and decorations and things. We escaped from ikea spending less than $10.00, which we found impressive indeed. We did get a store credit on the rug, however – we’ll be going back at some point to buy something there. Probably another rug.

On the way home we decided to drive on Lougheed Highway rather than the main route, Highway 1. We stopped in at Brentwood Mall, since someone once told us it was nice, for a mall. It was tiny, and not particularly nice, but it did have an IHOP which we will have to visit someday in the future.

We also dropped in at a grocery store where we picked up a few things for the week, and discovered yet again that buying groceries en masse that way just doesn’t work for us. As such, we’ll just pick things up as we need them.

Next was home to make dinner, clean up and watch the Aristocrats.

Now the movie’s done and we’re sitting at our respective computers. I should be editing photos, but to do that I need to be on his computer and I don’t want to kick him off right now. I have lots of frustrations on my mind anyway.