Shopping time……..

We are leaving for the store. Eventually. If jay ever gets off his computer. Bastid.

Summer isn’t my kind of season

Hoorah for early afternoon. It’s nice outside, I think. I haven’t been out yet, I’m still in my housecoat. The cats went out though. It appears summer has finally started to kick in. I’d be happy but I don’t really care that much. Summer was cool when it involved getting months off from school. Now it’s just another time of year when there’s lots of smog warnings and it’s too damn hot to want to do anything.

I sound old and bitter. Ick.

We should maybe start finding boxes to pack our stuff up into. It hasn’t sunk in yet that we’re really moving out of this postage stamp. I’ve been living here since November of 1998, and Jay moved in September of 1999, I think it’s rather time to move on.

Just checked out an interesting website by someone from the #qt-kat channel on IRC – Artyste – he’s got some really nice artwork on there.

Jay’s still sleeping. I’ll let him sleep til he wakes up, unless it goes too late. We have to go to the computer store today and get a USB port and maybe a new Hard Drive. Monitor to follow when we next have some money. Sera’s being very chatty this morning. Silly kitty. 🙂

Getting annoyed

Okay, Jay and I can go out tonight & either do karaoke or hang out at a friend’s place. Jay is ignoring me when I try to ask him what he’d rather do, because he wants to just stay in and play on his computer. If he doesn’t make up his mind very soon, I’m going out without him. I’m getting extremely pissed off, because I’m tired of staying in.

Karaoke tonight!

I phoned the finder people – they’re called Beach Seekers and they only look for a apartments in the beach. Since that’s where I’m looking, I guess it makes sense to use them. The kettle is on, water hasn’t boiled yet. Must… have… tea…

Cyn & I are probably going out to do karaoke tonight! Yay! Hopefully I’ll get her to go up on stage with me, or maybe even by herself 😉 I don’t know if Jay is coming along, he may not feel like it. Of course, if all my old friends are there, he’d probably feel pretty uncomfortable about the whole thing. Fneu, silly boy. He’s too insecure sometimes.

Making friends takes some effort

Nearly time to go. Jay’s not paying attention to IRC at all, I’m trying to get him to respond but he’s off playing CS somewhere. *shrug* I guess that means he won’t be along. I wasn’t really expecting it, and I’m not exactly disappointed, I just wish he had things to do outside of the house. He doesn’t, though… he seems quite happy staying in all the time. He complained a while ago that all of his friends are still in Kitchener, which they are. I try to get him involved in stuff I do, and he’s made friends here too, but he doesn’t put forth any effort. It bothers me. I don’t want to be the only person in Toronto who does stuff with him. I want evenings to myself at home once in a while too.

If he was out working he’d make friends from work… *sigh* This is not something I should be thinking about right now.

Okay, I’m going to go have a fun evening. Til later!

Not letting the anti-social boyfriend keep me home tonight

I’m meeting some people at the CN Tower tonight, from Marigoldzine and My Side Of The Bed. It should be fun. I was trying to convince Jay to come out as well, but he doesn’t seem to like going out with me when I’m getting together with net friends. Maybe that’s because they aren’t his net friends, but I don’t really know that for sure. He’s just not as social as me, it seems, which sucks because I get bored too much, and going out with friends helps me not be bored.

Oh well, I’m looking forward to tonight. I hope Jay changes his mind and decides to come along. I know that, logically, I really shouldn’t feel guilty or bad about him staying in when I choose to go out, but I do, and I can’t seem to get past it most of the time. I will not limit my excursions in accordance with the times and places that he wants to go out with me. It doesn’t work that way.

Counterstrike isn’t fun anymore

Break was boring, as was the rest of the day. They’re putting up new posters all over the office. They took down Jennifer Lopez & Ricky Martin posters. I’m so upset. (that was sarcasm, by the way.)

One of the people in my clan just posted this link in the forums, saying that he’s going to quit because the game’s not fun anymore (meaning Counterstrike.) The new patch version of the game hasn’t even been released yet, and won’t be released until sometime next week, but they’ve already got cheats for it – see through walls and such. The look of the game is part of the fun, as is the challenge. I don’t get why people bother cheating. I don’t get why they feel the need to make fun of me on public servers because I’m not as good as the rest of my clan (Oh my god, ZITH killed me??????). I don’t get people at all. And I don’t want to hear anything else about CS this weekend, unless it’s from Jay or mateo, and since mateo’s moving I don’t imagine he’ll have too much to say.

Fuck all of them. I may suck, but at least what points I do get are by my own abilities and/or luck. And now I’m going to lurk on IRC so that I can talk to my sweetie. I’m in a bitchy antisocial mood. Handle with care.

80’s night in…

Well, I went ‘on the air’ for a little while. I was on IRC too, it was fun. I sang a bit, & played guitar and stuff… then I burnt my finger making dinner – the tip of my L finger. So I’m typing slower, using my fingernail instead of the fingertip.

I’m listening to R.E.O. speedwagon now. I listened to Greg Kihn band earlier, and bangles, and stuff. It was nice. I can sing along with all that stuff.

I’m tired. I think I’ll go to bed soon, to make up for being so late last night.

Jay & I had a conversation tonight, when I got home from work. I was having a stress night – where I just want to collapse and give up. So we talked a bit. He’s really depressed about the job thing. I told him to forget about everything that’s already happened (i.e. the last 9 and a half months of joblessness) and just go from here. I don’t think he knew how to take that, he’s used to people just endlessly ranting at him about how bad he is (you know, ex’s, parents, etc.) Well, I’m not them. I see his potential, and I also know that if I push him till he just gets pissed off at me he’ll never do anything and feel good about it. He has to decide to do whatever it is he’s going to do. I don’t know, I think there was some progress with that conversation, but I can’t really say for sure.

Or maybe I’m just too tired for coherence.

Anxious for change

We’re going out to check out that apartment in about 10 minutes. I’m a bit worried that it’s going to be absolutely perfect… and we won’t be able to get it because they want it rented by the first of July. That would really suck… it really is the building I’ve wanted to live in forever. Bleah. Mustn’t worry, things work out eventually.

I have a bruise on the top of my knee from bashing it on my desk the other day. It hurts, but only if I put pressure on it. (yes, I know… “So don’t put pressure on it!”) I’ve also got a nasty zit that I picked at til it bled, right in an obvious place on my face. Blech. That’s what I do when I get bored, pick at my skin. Nice, eh? “So don’t pick.” Yes, people have been telling me that since I was 13. I haven’t stopped yet. Anyhow, the zit now hurts, and looks bad. My own fault though.

We’re leaving for the apartment thing as soon as Jay is done shaving (Yay!! Jay is SHAVING!!) *grin*

Oh, Jay’s counterstrike map is in a beta phase, and it’s been uploaded to a server to see how it plays. So far, he’s had good reviews on all sides, which is really cool since it’s his first counterstrike map done. If you want to take a look at the screenies (or if you play Counterstrike and want to try the map) there’s more information at his homepage.

I’m just wasting time until we leave, now. *ramble*ramble*ramble* Still annoyed with the losing my space at work thing. Nothing I can do about that, though, except maybe get a new job. Fneu.

Cozy tea time


I went over to say hi to jay a little bit earlier, and ended up sitting down with him, and we snugged for a while, and then we both fell asleep… it was cozy. He’s still sleeping now. I woke up and came back over here, I’m going to put tea on.