Disturbing things in Macleans

The more I read the new Macleans Magazine, the less impressed I become. This blurb is in the bottom right corner of page 85, under an article about a new book on relationship etiquette. It has nothing to do with the article. It’s just a pointless little blurb in the cult of celebrity vein.

Most Improved… Kate Winslet
The star of Finding Neverland and Titanic is rumoured to have stopped living large: she’s dropped three dress sizes, reportedly in a bid to avoid losing movie roles to slimmer starlets. Another reason for Winslet’s reduced circumstances may be her marriage to director Sam Mendes, who has previously dated skinny stars Calista Flockhart and Rachel Weisz. Despite a previous vow to remain curvy, she’s removed all wheat and dairy products from her diet.

First problem I have with this: Macleans used to be a news magazine, not a celebrity gossip mag. Ick. I feel dirty.
Second: The best thing about Kate Winslet is her curves – real beauty, in my eyes. And if she’s losing weight, well that’s her choice and good for her if that’s what she wants. But this little tidbit puts a negative spin on her being three sizes bigger, using words like ‘living large’ and ‘most improved.’ The implication that she needed to be improved is insulting.

Anyhow. It’s lunchtime.


Exxon in biggest ever US profits

US oil giant Exxon Mobil has posted a quarterly profit of $9.9bn (£5.55bn), the largest in US corporate history, on the back of record oil and gas prices.

Profit was up 75% and revenue rose 32% to more than $100bn.

But the results were short of analyst forecasts due to production damage from Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, and lower profit at its chemicals division.

That’s right, folks. All that raising gas prices due to the hurricanes comes down to this. Highest profits EVER… but less than what they hoped for. I feel their pain. Really.

Eh. They’ll run out of the stuff eventually.


From this article on Global Vancouver:

He said CUPE transit workers won’t go out. “The necessary things like transit service, we understand kids are out of school and it’s tough enough so we’ve decided not to disrupt that.”

And I was looking forward to having an excuse to force myself to bike in to work.


It might be interesting to see a career counsellor. I’m feeling a bit unsure about a direction to take right now. Obviously I’m sticking with my current job, but there doesn’t seem to be much room for growth there once I’m done the web project, and it’s been previously established that I’m more ambitious than I used to think I was. The question is, where do I find a career counsellor I can talk to during non-business hours (since I can’t start taking time off from work for such things, obviously.)

In other news, Prime Minister Paul Martin pointedly ignored a phone call from President Bush. Hooray for the global economy!

I met Adam downtown after work today and we went to see an IMAX 3D movie. It was pretty awesome.


I don’t know if Setting oneself on fire in an attempt to get custody of your child is really the best way to show that you’re responsible enough to take care of a child. I understand the act of desperation thing, but if covered in many self-inflicted burns, is one truly able to care for a child? Isn’t there a better way?

By the way…

My earlier “news link” wasn’t entirely real. Just in case you thought it was. It just amused me.

Here is a link to the real story. Still scary.

News Bits

Charity Pays 1 Million dollars in Taxes to give Tsunami Relief – This seems wrong to me somehow.

Canada worried about chinese spies – I really want to know what we have to hide now. Is China planning a hostile takeover? Do we have a secret weapon hidden in a base in the Great White North? Have I watched too many spy movies?

Those electronic dusting cans can get you high! and I quote, Parents don’t talk to their teens about dusting, and teens assume the practice is safe. Because when I was a teen I thought inhaling aerosal was safe. Really.

Vancouver community rallys to keep Big Box stores (namely Wal-Mart & Canadian Tire) out of their area. Now to see if it works. Wouldn’t that be nice?