My WomenGamers articles

Tonight, I made a list of links to every article I’ve written for WomenGamers. Yes, I need a mindless thing to do. Anyhow, I thought I’d toss them in here, from oldest to newest.

My Articles:

The Perils of a Gamer’s Household – Where I talk about how my gaming addiction leaves other responsibilities ignored and sad.

49 Days to Addiction – How I got into Counter-Strike. This article got Slash-dotted. I felt internet famous for a bit. It was awesome.

The Nice Girl’s Guide to Gaming Etiquette – Smack talk and how to deal with it.

Short Attention Span Gaming for the Minimalist – Casual gaming!

What If? No, scratch that – Terrible ideas for games (some of which have since been made…)

Water Cooler Politics: Ally McBeal vs. Playstation – What to do when your co-workers don’t share any of your gaming habits.

The Role of In-Game Ads – The future of gaming and advertising?

Sooooo… You want to join a clan – Getting into a Counter-Strike clan (may also apply to guilds, houses, and other groups that game together).

A Game For Every Mood – Genres of games and the moods I’m in when I play them.

The Waiting Game – Waiting for the next game to come out…

Love online – A la Gamer – A look at online relationships.

Faster Better Stronger More – The pain of the PC hardware upgrade cycle in games.