• mtbandit

    August 29, 2000 at 2:34 pm

    I may come up with something more appropriate later, but I spotted this pic just as these words were coming from my speakers:

    I got the ways and means to New Orleans
    I’m going down by the river where is warm and green
    I’m gonna have a drink, and walk about
    I got a lot to think about, oh yeah

    (Concrete Blonde, Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)

    She did have a lot to think about, see. He had told her something she just could not fathom, a story so strange her only reaction was, this is not me. These things don’t happen to anyone, but least of all me. No one is 546 years old. It was just some Mardi Gras prank, surely. But he looked so serious.

    So she went. He watched her go, smiling. He knew she would return. He had her mind. She walked absent-mindedly, trying not to think about what she had claimed she was venturingout to think about. Without realizing it, she had walked to the river, and was leaning against the railing on the bank. Contemplaing the water flowing by. The song started to drift through her head. “…warm and green…” Yes, the Mississippi did have a green tinge, looked very warm and inviting, even for late March. How good would it feel, to lower oneself into those iniviting waters and just drift with the current.

    As if saying were doing, she realized with a shock that in the water was exactlywhat she had done. It was a bit colder than she expected. Her hands clenched around the strings of beads the held in her hads. Even with the shock ofthe cold, she did not want to leave. Yes, down in the water, not so warm and green, she felt free to contemplate. She closedher eyes, and letthe current carry her. Amazing, she thought, that the clothes aren’t dragging her down. He’d said that last night, as they made love, he… he… no, he couldn’t. She’d have felt the paid, wouldn’t she…?

    From the river bank, he watched, still smiling. She’s almost ready, he thought. Almost….

    After some time, his feet left the ground, and he began to drift towards her…

    [wierd. this was not at all planned. anyone who wishes may add to the tale.]

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      August 30, 2000 at 8:34 am

      And that’s part of why I love that painting… it brings something out of you somehow, it just does something to your perception or something… it has impact. Whether people like it or not, it has impact.

      Very nice. 🙂

  • jelly

    August 29, 2000 at 3:12 pm


    When I saw this picture I had an instant thought before I read what you had written. My first thought was of the women who had been accused of witchcraft and were given the water test where, if they drowned, they were innocent. It’s a beautiful picture.

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      August 29, 2000 at 6:29 pm

      Re: beautiful…

      I have the poster, I bought it last summer… I haven’t gotten it framed yet, but it’s going to hang over my fireplace as soon as I do. The real one is in the Louvre, I think…

  • Anonymous

    August 29, 2000 at 9:39 pm

    the pic

    What a beautiful picture…..until I aw her hands tied.

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      August 29, 2000 at 10:59 pm

      Re: the pic

      There’s actually more to the original painting. I’ll post that tomorrow… it’s very creepy and disturbing though.

  • magicwoman

    August 30, 2000 at 10:12 am

    Beautiful . . .

    Is there a site I can go check out for this picture? Thanks, Susan

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      August 30, 2000 at 10:52 am

      Re: Beautiful . . .

      Hmm… I’m not sure, unless you just look up Paul Delaroche – La Jeune Martyre. Unless the Louvre has a site… Hmmm… Do a search on the name, maybe?