Work’s going fairly well today. I’ve done pretty much everything I’m able to do for now, and I think I’m actually managing to get most of it done before the people I’m working for expect it… and I’m not going out of my mind trying to impress them or anything, it’s just less complicated than they made it sound.

Link of the day! An art site, go look and stuff, right there. So there. Someday I’ll have a links page on my homepage, if I ever get around to redesigning it.

My monitor at home is getting a lot worse. It’s been going downhill since I first got it, since it was pretty old even then… it used to flicker occasionally, and it was a bit blurry, but now it flickers a lot and it gets really blurry sometimes and the viewing area (formerly about 12″ of the 14″ monitor) is shrinking in a warped kind of way. As soon as Jay’s cheque arrives, I’m getting a new one. Then again, I’m getting a whole new computer then. Comparatively. He’s getting a new computer, I’m getting his old one, mine is going to be the ‘guest’ computer. Geek house? No… not at all… And I’m going on my Ikea shopping trip then. As of now, I can’t really go to Ikea til I get my next paycheque in a week and a half. The money in the bank now is previously allocated for such things as rent and food and such, until either I get paid or Jay gets that cheque.

We found out why it’s taken so long. We were wondering if it was because assets had to be sold off or something, but it turns out that they sent it to our old address and didn’t bother forwarding it. I don’t know why they didn’t, the post office has forwarded everything else that has been sent to us since we moved… after all, that’s what I paid for when I asked to get stuff forwarded. I guess it was one of those things that had “Do not forward, legal document” or whatever on the envelope. So that’s what’s delayed Jay getting money, and it’s delayed his brother too. His brother is planning on buying a car with that money… he phoned us the other day and left a message about it, the same day that Jay’s aunt called to let us know what was going on. Well, it’s all sorted out now, apparently, so it should be here in the next few weeks or something.