A cascade of irritating things

All the characters on the scoobie doo show wore the same clothes for years….

I’ve done absolutely nothing tonight. The first hour I was home was nice relaxing stuff, then I came over and sat on my computer and tried to get myself in a mindset to work, but I was hungry. So I had to go cook something for dinner. But the dishes were all dirty. So I had to go buy a plug for the kitchen sink, then do all the dishes. And then I could start cooking.

It’s now 9:20 and I’m still cooking, dinner’s nearly ready and I’m not even hungry anymore, I just feel like my stomach is upset. Blah. I think maybe I’ll save my dinner and have it for lunch tomorrow.

This is frustrating… I actually wanted to get stuff done, but by the time I’m done cooking and eating I’m going to want to relax with food and then I won’t have energy to get anything done. How do people manage lives like this?? I hate cooking, I hate dishes, I hate all things domestic. *sigh* At least I had help with the dishes tonight.