Sunday morning… and I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. Yay. It’s raining out and hazy and damp. This morning I got up and Dayle followed me around for an hour, licking my leg every chance he could get. Cat tongue on your legs first thing in the morning is just not a pleasant feeling, so finally I was awake enough to go feed the two of them (once Sera started pestering me at my desk.) They didn’t have any food left, so I got dressed and walked to the little store across the street to get them some. Now they’re happily eating in the kitchen, and they’re not bugging me anymore.

I’m going downtown today to meet Boo on Queen West. It should be fun, although I’ve pretty much spent my budget for the week til I get paid on Friday. I forgot what it was like to be on salary and get paid every two weeks instead of every week… it’s really annoying, to be honest.

When Jay’s cheque arrives, we’re giong to open a new joint account. I think that’s a pretty good idea… I guess that means we’ll just pay rent & bills & such out of my account, and use the joint account for stuff like school and so on.

When I get back from downtown today, Jay & I are (hopefully) going to do some brainstorming stuff for our site. I’ve got some ideas for it already, I have to sit down and organize the thoughts a little more…

Occasionally I spend some time going through newsgroups and websites that have erotica stories on them, but not very often. I like erotica, when it’s well written, but there seems to be a decided lack of erotica left online for people who don’t have fetishes, or who don’t want to read stories about violence, incest, rape, animals, and so on… Yes, there really are people out there who want to read a story about seduction, or just plain ordinary sex, which can be a beautiful thing when it’s written well… but I can’t find any of it, and I’m sick of sifting through triggery stuff which in fact only turns me off, rather than even being close to turning me on. Am I going to have to write my own? That defeats the purpose of the whole exercise, I think, but I’m really annoyed with the whole situation. Whatever happened to erotica for people who don’t have fetishes, damnit??


  • scottobear

    September 3, 2000 at 9:10 am

    let us know…

    if you do find some… I’m another person that needs no mention of hitler costumes, mating with stuffed animals, or physical combat in his erotica. too much splintering, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    September 3, 2000 at 10:36 am

    about erotica on the internet…

    have you visited nerve.com? I haven’t been there in a while, but I remember reading some great stories there. They also have photography and really interesting features.

    Hmmm…. I think I’ll visit them again… it’s been a while 🙂


  • sirreal13

    September 3, 2000 at 10:37 am

    Queen West

    Hey, JennyLee… I wish I could run into you and Boo on Queen St. W. That’s not likely, though, because here I am at work (even on Sunday) in Minneapolis. Don’t know when I’ll get back to T.O. My client in Mississauga says they don’t need me back until the year 2002! That’s too long to wait.

    Once we move back to Wisconsin, though, it should be a shorter drive.

    About erotica, there’s a web site called

    ScarletLetters “A journal of Femmerotica.” You be the judge

  • Anonymous

    September 12, 2000 at 9:51 pm

    full circle

    *hahaha.* they get stuck with suffering through harlequin romance novels like you ones you were trying to get rid of 😉 too too funny!!