I broke a nail *gasp*

Okay, that’s how boring I feel today. Damn that’s sad.

I must infuse myself with interestingness. I can be interesting. I’m sure I’ve got it in me somewhere. I wish I could go home sick early or something, but I’m not actually sick, and I’m too honest to pretend I am.

It’s fall… Cyn asked us about fall at I have a Secret‘s forums, and I replied… I think I’ll post that in here.

I love the fall. It’s my favourite season. I love how the air suddenly gets cooler and I can breathe again, and I love the smell of leaves on the ground and the smell of cold in the air. I love the weather’s unpredictability, how it can be near-summer weather one day, and too cold to go out without a heavy jacket the next. I even bought a scented oil called autumn so I can smell that any time I want to… it’s close, but not quite the real thing. Everything gets quieter in the fall, so when there is a sound it’s amplified tenfold and it echoes in the cool air… or at least it seems that way.

Good things happen to me in the fall. I have more energy than the rest of the year… I feel more like getting things done. I hope that kicks in this year…