I couldn’t respond.

someone posted something scary and important to them somewhere and it hit me too hard and I couldn’t say anything. I can never say anything when it really matters. Other people responded, they knew what to say… I just knew what to feel. And it wasn’t exactly the same but it was enough to make me scared, not for myself but for someone else, and I’ve never done anything about it even though I could, because I was being selfish and wanted to put everything all behind me. And now I’m scared again.

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  • sirreal13

    September 17, 2000 at 6:48 am

    No Knowing (what to say)

    I’m a lot like that.. I think “If you can’t say the right thing the right way, don’t say anything at all” I still feel bad that I wasn’t any help to my friend when his mother was dying of cancer.

    My family was never good at expressing emotions and our extended family was all in other states, so I never got to see a good role model for “being supportive”.

    Sometimes people don’t want all the attention from people who want to help. It’s OK to let others fill in sometimes.

    I told my friend later that I felt bad that I couldn’t help him when his mom was dying, and he said his family was all he needed at the time.