There’s a breeze coming in the window behind me… it’s cold, but it’s a lot better than the stuffiness that this room had when I first got here this morning.

I desperately want to put in one of my favourite cd’s, turn it up WAY loud, and dance around. I’m at the office though – I’ve only got cheap and very uncomfortable headphones, and I don’t have my cd’s, I just have RadioMOI, and it’s cutting out in all of my favourite songs. You would think that being in the same building that has the actual song servers would decrease the number of cutouts. At this particular moment, I’m listening to Emm Gryner – Summerlong – in my headphones turned up way loud. it skips once a second – there’s more dead air than actual song. I’m going to go cry now. I just want some music. My 3-cd disc changer at home is broken, I can’t connect to radiomoi right, and these headphones give me a nasty headache if I wear them for more than half an hour.