It’s stalking me… at work, we talk about how all we’re doing is homogenizing the look of a stack of websites… There are chains everywhere for everything from film developing to grocery stores to coffee… And over the past couple of weeks, Moxy Fruvous (canadian band) has popped up in conversation. Well, in my web travels today, I found an editorial for the Washington Post written up by Jian Ghomeshi (who used to spell it Jean…) about Starbucks and the homogenization of culture. It’s like a strange culmination of a whole lot of different things.

My fingertips on my left hand still hurt. I couldn’t sleep last night… I was awake til after 3am. I gave up looking at the clock after a while… still managed to wake up this morning though. I slept on the streetcar on the way in to work, but I’m still really tired.

Reading lots of newsbits this morning… I feel so bad for that four year old daughter of Paula Yates… her life is going to be scarred forever. I don’t think you can easily forget finding your mother dead. 🙁