Tired… Don’t know why. Went to bed early last night. Slept well. Had warped dreams this morning about Jay’s mother & father visiting us, our cats getting outside and going all the way up to Kingston Road and playing in traffic up there, having to go into a stranger’s house and do my laundry there… I think the oddest part about that is Jay’s parents visiting… for one thing, I never once saw his mother and father at the same time, and for another thing, his mother passed away in May. It was all very strange.

Anyhow, that’s not the point. I’m tired, and I don’t know why. The woman I work with tells me that I definitely have a problem with too much sugar and my adrenals. I’m going to have to eat less carbs… less pasta. Figure out what else when there’s more time to think about it than a fifteen minute morning break.

So tired.