Took the Honesty test over at emode… I’m rather honest…


When it comes to personal matters, you are honest AND sensitive. What a great combination! Your conscience probably forces you to tell the truth, while your consideration makes you do so in a nonoffensive manner. Most likely, you don’t want to mislead people with lies, but you don’t want to hurt them with blunt words either. So, chances are that you have mastered a way of choosing your words carefully — or censoring them — to portray an honest message in a more positive manner. This is an invaluable skill.


You deserve a pat on the back for being moral in the rat race. It is very beneficial to employ honesty in the workplace. Moreover, your “honesty” is probably a considerate way of disguising harsh words in sensitive sentences. This skill is very handy in a work environment. Most likely, you are able to stay true to yourself without offending anyone in the process. Keep up the good work!


Honesty is a great policy when it comes to confessing your mistakes! You seem to recognize that if you don’t admit your mistakes from the start, your dishonesty will most likely catch up with you! Telling the whole truth–and nothing but the truth–seems to be the most beneficial way of handling an accident situation. In general, people tend to respond better to this attitude because accidents do not stem from bad intentions. Your honesty and genuine concern can often counteract the fault itself.

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  • talashandy

    September 21, 2000 at 1:53 pm

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