Well, today Jay & I went to Computer Fest down at the Exhibition’s Automotive Building. We met up with eDeath (aka Steve) and a friend of his, and wandered around for a while. I was really hoping to find a new cam, but they only had crappy ones there… we’ll get me a new one this week.

I have to remember to renew my license this week. My birthday’s really soon, and I have to renew it before then. Not that I drive, but I really like having a valid driver’s license just in case… Don’t want to ever have to go through that test thing again. Bleah.

I just went to MeowMail, a website for cats, because Sera was sitting here on my lap watching my monitor. I found a few digital cat toys for her. She ignored the bird, the goldfish, and the mouse, but she was enraptured by the bouncing ball when I made it fullscreen for her to watch. Dayle isn’t as intelligent as Sera… I wonder if he’d lunge at it? I’ll have to try when he’s not busy meowing at birds outside the window…