Okay then… I wonder how much of an idiot I am… I just got upgraded to second class in Starship Titanic, and decided that was enough of the game for the evening, so I quit… and now I’m not sure if I remember to save. I probably didn’t, I’m rather scatterbrained at the moment. Blah.

We never made it to Ikea tonight – we went downtown instead, to the Eaton Centre and Toys R Us and Future shop. Got the new Furby and the HUGE lego Tie interceptor at Toys R Us, and got the new cam (which is on, by the way) at Future Shop.

Well, now that I’ve got a cam, I have to stop picking at my face so much. Not that anything has ever stopped me before… I’ve been telling myself that for years, haven’t I? So has anyone close to me… quit picking at your face, it’ll scar! Oh well, now it’s a habit, and it’s damn hard to break, and it’s what I do rather than smoke or bite my nails or whatever. Great… I make myself bleed instead. And it hurts and looks bad and it’s pretty obvious.