Okay then… today is Laundry & cleaning day (and Jay said he’s going to put together my new desk…)

My stereo is more broken now…

I wanted to get speaker stands yesterday, but we had too much stuff to haul home and we just didn’t bother. I should have… One of the cats, at some point last night, jumped onto one of my speakers and knocked it off of what it was standing on. The cord on the back broke. I don’t know if the speaker still works, I can’t check it because the cord is broken. Like it wasn’t bad enough that the CD player hasn’t been working right since we moved… now I’m short a speaker, and I don’t have the tools to fix it. Fuck. It’s not like I enjoy listening to music or anything… oh, no of course not. That five-speaker surround sound stereo is just in the living room for decoration, after all… I never want to listen to my cd collection. I paid all that money for the cd’s just to have something to fill the cd racks with.