Yay for long weekends. I still don’t know if we’re supposed to go to Jay’s dad’s place or not. He hasn’t phoned us back. If not, I may attempt to make a turkey. Attempt being the operative word. I haven’t had turkey in a while.

Cam is on. I’m pretty bored. I should put some music in or something. I think the Ongoing history of new music will do fine… ahhh, that’s better…

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  • Anonymous

    October 7, 2000 at 4:41 pm


    mmmmm, food. that big ol’ bird is so yummy – be careful though! turkey contains triptophan (or however you spell it) and that’s what makes you sleepy. they should put warnings on your Thanksgiving dinner…. “CAUTION: Not only will this meal make you gain 10pounds, but DO NOT eat while operating heavy machinery or lolling in a hot tub.” 😉

    Happy Day of the Hungry Pilgrim to you all!