Last night, I was sitting on my computer after going to Mike & Emma’s for dinner, with a mild headache. It wasn’t that bad, just a minor thing that I was trying to ignore while I caught up with the boards and lurked on IRC… I was fine until I got a sharp stabbing pain through the side of my head. I managed to type into a channel in IRC something like “must go lie down head hurts.” and then got up and went to the bed. That was around 11:00pm or so. After that, I just passed out, left my computer on and everything. I guess Jay turned it off, when I got up this morning it wasn’t on. Fortunately, when I got up this morning, the headache was gone and I was actually awake. Unfortunately, I had left my travel mug at work, so I couldn’t make myself the usual breakfast drink thing that I’ve been having for the past couple of weeks.

Cyn’s Birthday Gathering is tonight. That should be fun. I’ll have to meet up with Jay somewhere along the subway lines, and figure it out from there… or maybe I’ll just get a ride home and then go out from there. I forget what time we’re supposed to meet them at.

I need a cup of tea.