Mental Fragments Interesting Links has been updated… Jay must be awake. 🙂

It’s rather cold in the office today – they didn’t turn the heat on until 9:00 this morning. My hands always turn to ice when I’m working at a computer and it’s even a little bit chilly. I have to work on that circulation thing.

Cyn’s asking, over at I Have A Secret in the Reveal Yourself Forum, if people feel lucky – “lucky to be alive, lucky to have a home, lucky to have your friends, your family, your stuff.” I’m thinking about it, and I can’t say that I feel lucky, exactly. I’ve worked hard for everything I have, home, friends, family, stuff – and it’s a neverending battle, I have to work hard to keep them all… I’ve lost a lot of those things in the process, and I’ve had to work at the ones that are worthwhile. To me, luck != work. Luck is winning a lottery, finding a great parking space, picking your favourite colour of smartie out of the box without looking. And people who haven’t worked for what they have… I consider them to be lucky too. I’m not going to post that there though… it’s not the right mood for the thread. It’s just how I feel.

I’m not lucky, I’m just surviving.