I’m sneezy and sniffley this morning.

In other news… I got stuff from my wishlist last night! From someone in the city of Rochester, NY… now, the only person I know of with the name lawrence in their name who is from Rochester would be Jerronimo… D’you suppose it might’ve been him??

Thanks!! This HoJo cd rocks, by the way, as I’m sure the Ani one does (haven’t had time to listen yet,) and the book is Anne McCaffrey, so it must be good! It’s book two, I think, so I’ll have to go grab book one from the library when I take back this Charles De Lint short stories book…

Cyn‘s birthday party last night was great. Lots of people turned out, Denise, Gilgamesh the Pedantic and his lovely wife Becca, Zoltan the Magnificent, Aphyd (of course), Malgorzatta (whose name I probably can’t spell, but there’s a really interesting feature on her at I have a Secret, Tuxedo from the secret forums, some people I didn’t know, c, r, and my coffee machine. Not that I drink coffee, but everyone needs a coffee machine for when they have company over, and I haven’t seen my coffee machine in a good long time. I hope cyn liked her gift, it’s from the sparkley store that i keep going to for other people’s birthday presents, but I’ve never bought myself anything there (call it self-control, or maybe self-torture… 😉

Listening to, and seriously enjoying, this Howard Jones CD… I love this man’s voice.


  • daruba

    October 11, 2000 at 7:40 am

    sounds cool, sorry I missed it… tell us more!!

  • jerronimo

    October 11, 2000 at 7:53 am

    Yup. that’d be me!

    Happy birthday. :]