• scottobear

    October 11, 2000 at 1:30 pm

    emotional problems…

    perhaps more of them gravitiate to the net and chatrooms.

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      October 11, 2000 at 1:32 pm

      Re: emotional problems…

      Happens a lot in real life, too, around me… it seems that like-minded people find each other somehow, and they seem to know that it’s safe to talk about it… Or something.

      • scottobear

        October 11, 2000 at 1:33 pm

        Re: emotional problems…

        birds of a feather? I seem to gather like minds, as well.

  • hap

    October 11, 2000 at 1:42 pm

    more people with problems than without

    I always wonder if, somehow, the medium for communication attracts more people with mental health issues than would be average given a random sample. No, I’m not buying those “psycho stalkers on the internet” news stories or anything, but there are even levels of my wonderings:

    Internet access isn’t universal, are certain types drawn to communicate via the internet? Are certain types drawn to communicate via irc, or newsgroups? Is it the type of newsgroup/irc channel? Are people who like Tori Amos/Prince/Buffy more likely to have emotional problems?

    Of course I don’t know the answer to any of this, but it’s what keeps me from being very sure that a lot more people than I ever would have imagined have mental health issues. And it keeps me from wondering why I’m distressingly “normal”….most of the time. 😉

  • jerronimo

    October 11, 2000 at 2:13 pm

    I’ve actually seen those conversations stir up on their own accord on multiple unrelated cam-person (camboi and camgrrl) irc channels.

    I think there’s some kind of link there, but i’m not sure exatly what it is.

    then again, i’m the exception that makes the rule, i’m not on any drugs, aside from the occasional advil, and i’m content most of the time…