Assessing my fitness – it’s not fantastic

Went to the gym tonight for my fitness assessment. I’m a poor excuse for a 24 year old female, I have to admit. Michael (the guy who owns the gym, he used to work at my work, but now he owns a gym… nice step up…) did a test on me for my heart rate and cardio and stuff, and I’m in the ‘extremely bad shape’ category… you know how there’s a “greater than whatever” category for the worst part? Well, that was where I was… greater than 140. I’m 129.5 lbs, 28.5% of which is body fat, according to some strange scale he had that calculates body fat by shooting an electrical charge through one foot, up your body, and back down and out the other foot. The point of my going to a gym isn’t to lose weight… it’s to improve my cardio – make my heart work better. I want to feel more healthy, so I’m taking vitamins and I’m eating better and I’m going to a gym.

Next thing to do is go to a physiotherapist about my ankles/knees – there are a few machines at the gym that I’m going to avoid, like the treadmill, because my ankles are really messed up and tend to collapse often on me. They don’t support my weight well. The last thing I want to do is go flying off the back of a treadmill into a ceiling support beam. So I need to learn some exercises to make my ankles stronger, so I stop falling in the middle of the street and such. It’s rather amusing, but at some point I’m concerned that I’ll get hit by a car, and that’s never a good thing. So anyhow, get referred to physio by my doctor, get new orthotics, learn exercises for my ankles, eat better, take vitamins, go to the gym… How do people find time to have lives between all this stuff?????