Still feeling kinda yucky… it’s like a cold or something just lurks in my head, and sometimes it goes away, but then it comes back, and I don’t ever quite catch it but I don’t ever feel 100% either. It’s affecting my mood a lot too. There is nothing I can specifically think of today that I’ve eaten or drank that would cause a rapid downswing like the one I just felt, but I know I felt it.

My supervisor has left for the day. I may head out at ten to five. My head’s feeling really hazy, and It’s hard to focus on things now. I’m not looking forward to the super-long trip home by streetcar… I think I’ll try the subway tonight, it may be faster, even though there are more transfer points. It’s Friday, getting home will be evil either way, and I don’t have anything to read because I can’t find the book I was going to start.

I’m aching all over now… Lori went home early because she was feeling a lot worse. Blah.

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  • sirreal13

    October 14, 2000 at 7:53 am

    Feeling 100%

    I don’t think I’ve felt 100% since college.
    Since my bout with chronic fatigue in the late 80s, I’ve settled for 85%.