I had my bath. I then decided that Dayle was incredibly dirty from playing in the fireplace, so I put on my housecoat and gave him a bath. He wasn’t impressed, but he was incredibly well-behaved. He just stood there in the water, floating for a bit when I was holding his legs, and after about a minute of that let out the saddest meow you’ve ever heard. I just washed him off, didn’t have any shampoo for him or anything, and not enough hands to hold his legs and shampoo him anyhow. When I let him out, I wrapped him up in a blanket and held him on my lap. He just sat there, until he noticed Sera playing with a small black plastic thing and wanted in on the action… as soon as he jumped down to the floor, he noticed how soaked he was, and he’s been washing himself dry for the last 20 minutes now.

I am amused.