Job stuff

Earlier today, my friend with the job lead phoned me to tell me I should really call the guy who’s looking to hire someone. I gave him a call, he said he’d give me a call back in an hour or so because he was with a client, and then he never did. I wasn’t going to phone him back because it is sunday, and really not a workday. So anyhow… My friend told me what the salary would be, and it sounds like it would be less than what I’m making now. That’s not good. I can’t take any less than what I make, because that’s what I live on. Anyhow… I’ll find out more tomorrow or something, I guess. That’s definitely a factor here, though.

Jay’s interview is tomorrow… I’m sending all my happy thoughts at him for that, but I’m sure he’ll do great because he rocks. I’m trying to convince him to come by my work afterwards for my break, and maybe stick around til it’s time for me to go home. Or maybe not. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll go to the gym tomorrow – Tuesday is out, because I’m going to Cyn’s place to get my hair done then.

I think for now I’m going to practice some guitar. I haven’t in a few days, and as much as I hate doing modes they’ll make my fingering better and give me more control or something.