Today was nice.

I went to work, and for half the day the network stayed up and I did work. All was good. Jay had his Interview today, from what he told me it sounds like it went really well, so I’m really hoping that he gets the job – I think he’s got a good chance at it. After his interview, he came over to my work (it’s a couple of blocks away from where the interview was) and we went for coffee and Taco Bell, because the network was still down. I went back into work with Jay in tow, and sat down to see that the network was still down – that meant there was absolutely nothing I could do. The manager came out and sent us home at about 25 after four.

Jay & I headed home on the streetcar with my friend from work, Lori. We invited her to our place for coffee, and she eventually ended up staying for most of the evening – Lori & I made dinner while Jay took a nap, then I woke him up and we had a nice dinner with wine. It was really great, actually. Lori left around 9:30 or so – we’re going to meet at the gym tomorrow morning at 8:00 or so. Like I’ll be coherent…. *sigh* Oh well, I can only try.

It’s really quite nice to have a girl-type person friend to do stuff with, like stand around making dinner, or going to the gym, or just chatting… I forget what that’s like sometimes. I think I don’t have enough girl friends, and I’m glad I work with her and that we’re friends and that we live within walking distance of each other. I really honestly appreciate her friendship… she’s great. Wow… I’ve got a friend, and I do friend-things with her like thrift store shop and chat and go for coffee and have her over for dinner… That makes me incredibly happy.

Tomorrow will be a long day. First, there’s the gym thing, right at the beginning of the day. Then I’ve got work, which is basically just work, and then I’m meeting cyn and Zoltan to do hair. I don’t quite know how that’s happening, but that’s what is supposed to happen. Figure it out later.

Had a couple of glasses of wine. Still have half a bottle left. I don’t think I’ll drink it tonight, though. I’ll save it and have some later.