It’s been a strange day so far. My streetcar stop in the morning (the one I board at) is five stops from the beginning of the line, which means that there are usually at most fifteen to twenty people on the car, and plenty of places to sit down. This morning, it was packed and there was only standing room. That’s just odd.

When we got to my transfer point at Queen and Broadview, the streetcar I had to transfer onto (the 504) was empty except for 3 people – usually, that one is completely packed with barely any standing room. It was strange.

I saw a taxi outside of the Prince Edward Hotel on King St. that had an interac sign in the window… last week I was talking about getting interac in cabs with a friend of mine, and now I’ve seen it.

I finally remembered to bring in my R2D2 lego guy to work with me to put on my monitor, and when I arrived at work there was a mug on my desk – Darth Vader!! There’s a quote at the bottom that says “You underestimate the Power of the Dark Side.” and it’s got a great Darth picture on it, with the Star Wars logo on the back. That makes two Darth posters, one Darth Pez dispenser, a Darth mug, and one lego R2D2 at my desk. Darth fetish much?

I think I need a glass of water… and I think I’ll use my new Darth mug for it.