Okay then. I did yoga tonight. Lori and I went to the gym after work, and for about 45 minutes we did cardio stuff (bike, stepthing, rowing machines, etc.) and then we had our first Yoga class. A whole hour of bending and stretching in ways I wouldn’t have previously imagined. The balancing exercises really didn’t go over well with my ankles, although my right ankle was better at not collapsing than my left one. I managed to surprise myself when I actually was able to flip myself upside-down with my feet over my head while lying on my back… As long as no one ever asks me to do anything else while I’m upside-down like that, it’s all good… so get those kinky sex thoughts out of your head right now (and if you weren’t having them, forget I said that…)

Learned, as soon as I walked in the door tonight, that Jay’s brother’s pseudo-girlfriend type person is pregnant… well, they were casually dating anyhow… at any rate, they’re pregnant, the due date is April 26th I think, and this is important (or maybe just strange) because of what Jay said in his livejournal… Better for him to explain it than me.

I ache now. Or at least I’m starting to. I can feel my knees starting a low-pitched scream already. This is good for me though. Yes, that’s it… good for me.

Still no word on Jay’s job interview yet. I think my hatred for waiting has rubbed off on him, though…